The mariuccia fineschiPasticceria Mariuccia opened in 1935, when Mariuccia Fineschi decided to start a small confectionery business at her bar in Montalcino.
r authentic home-baked delicacies were an immediate success with local people and the Bar Mariuccia soon became a landmark and a popular meeting place for the residents of Montalcino.Mariuccia's heritage is honourably continued by her grandson Angelo, who has devoted his inventive genius and creativity to his calling as a pastrychef, subtly modifying and enhancing even the most classic recipes of Siena's baking tradition.
Angelo's passion for his craft inspires him to seek out and experiment with new combinations of flavours and aromas, which subsequently find their way into our many specialities.
Today, that creative spirit has helped to establish a local confectionery tradition in Montalcino, completely distinct from the heritage of Siena.

We recently relocated our bar trade so we can devote our efforts to making confectionery and pastries. Thanks to Angelo's wife, Gabriella, and children, Giovanni and Maria Rita, the Pasticceria Mariuccia carries on its proud tradition of exalting flavours while ceaselessly pursuing the very highest standards of quality.
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